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Blue June is a 2.5D story-driven adventure game with elements of exploration, puzzle solving, stealth and horror. Play as June, a student of the prestigious Rose Hill Academy, and uncover the truth that lies beneath her recurring horrifying dreams. Explore the campus, go to class, make new friends, and investigate the terrors that haunt June.

Blue June is being developed by Tiny Dodo, a solo developer from Toronto, Canada. I do everything from programming, art, game asset, animation, sound and design. I have a deep passion for creating tiny little universes and game development fulfills every thing I love doing creatively. 

With Blue June, I want to take everything that I've learned over the past years and create a meaningful and inspiring game. 

Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTiny Dodo
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Female Protagonist, Horror, Low-poly, Psychological Horror, solo, Story Rich, Unity
LinksSteam, Twitter, Homepage

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder and run "Blue June Demo.exe" to play the game. Enjoy!


Blue June Demo 100 MB

Development log


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Great job so far!!

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This was for a demo, is a really great start. Had good sound and an intriguing story which I hope you have a good build up and ending for and the gameplay felt very inside-ish, which is always a good thing. Controls were simple to use and looked great with lots of detail... :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo :)

cant wait for the full game

This was one of my favorite games I played in 2021 so I had to put it in my channel's 2021 recap




hola bibi soy brian , una persona de buenos aires argentina , me encanto la demo de tu videojuego , tiene muchisimo potencial !!! , me tome el trabajo de traducir este videojuego al español para que mi comunidad lo disfrutase mas , si quieres ayuda con el resto del videojuego para que yo lo traduzca al español no dudes en contactarme conmigo , ten el gameplay que le hize !! 

tienes mucho talento !! c : 

Ícono de validado por la comunidad


This game is so amazing, I hope you finish this game soon because I enjoy with my friends a lot

Oh god. So good. There's so much anxiety the game gives you during the horror elements. I normally can't play horror games in person and let's plays are really all I can handle with games like this but I'm interested enough that I might be willing to push through it. Also, what was with that whale in the first nightmare? It seemed kinda random.

I whent to Rosehill elementary not to long ago


This is an AMAZING demo, there’s some spooky ideas in there that are so awesome, nay, brilliant (!),  it made me really excited for the complete game. Honestly, the attention to detail, the smooth gameplay, the visuals - this is stunning. 

Also: are there any other ways to support you besides Kickstarter, I don’t have a credit card but really want to help realise this! 


Hey Hula! Sorry for the late reply. I was only accepting funding from Kickstarter but we have good news. The campaign was funded at 108%!! <3 Thank you for playing and sharing the demo.

That's amazing because it means I can throw my money at Blue June once it's finished, hurra! Thanks for the feedback and happy developing!


nice game; kept me entertained for a good thirty minutes. (the demo) - it has a good design and feel to it.

У дівчине намає обличчя.

Це виглядає дуже стремно.


Wow! It was creepy.  It's a weird but interesting story, I really like it. Your game has a promising future. I want to translate your game into Turkish, so you can reach more players. If you are interested you can reach me via this email address: meliksahcivitt@gmail.com


Played it enjoyed it and has me curious for more! Might have to take another swing at it when full release drops....definitely recommend!

mate review my games tooo

Hey the game was super cool. What game engine did you use?


Hey! Thank you. I used the unity engine :)


I didn't play it all the way through but from the start i could immediately tell that this was going to be a great (demo) game! i loved the vibes this game gave off. the story was really good too so far, i will continue playing it when it's not 12:47am :) 


Thank you and awesome! Let me know how it goes after you get back to it :)


Such a rich story and esthetics are good. Looking forward to the game! 


Thank you for the lovely words! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo :)


Damn this is good! Reminds me of Life is strange and that game is awesome!

Thank you! It's a huge compliment being compared to these titles :)


I enjoyed this demo (waiting for the full game), Also I find it impressive that this game is made by a solo dev, good job.

Watch video:



Thank you! :)



Everything about this is done so well especially for a single developer. What a good demo! I liked everything about it, didnt want it to end. Can't wait for the fullgame


This is a great start, i like the artstyle, the atmosphere is great and the strorytelling (while very little so far) is pretty good, the only downsides so far is that the controls are abit confusing and there is no option to remap and the section in the cave with the buttons is abit lenghty and tedious, overall i enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback! The full game will have full control mappings :) And as for the cave puzzle, I still have to so some adjusting to it! I have found some people get it on the first try, others take a little so still thinking of a way to balance it :) I'm glad you enjoyed it so far!


I streamed a playthrough of this game and WOW am I impressed. I really am looking forward to more of this game! 


The game was great! The way it looked, sounded and felt was so good and really made the player feel in the moment in the game. The art style was super neat and made everything seem pretty and also gave good contrast towards the spooky parts towards the end. The sounds really melded with the game and gave life to the area.

The story was also really well done and I would love to play more of it and see everything unfold! The ending is super intriguing and am curious to see how things unfold in the game

The interactable were really well done and it reminded me of the posters in Life Is Strange. The attention to detail is very apparently and it was really fun to go around looking at everything and seeing the thoughts of the main character.

Great game and it was immense fun to play!

Hey Lucifer! Thank you so much for the kind and lovely words. It really means a lot and I'm glad you enjoyed the demo to the extent you did!

p.s you mistitled your video, it's blue JUNE! ^^

i cant pass the running part



Ablosutely lovely. Waiting for the full version.


I liked the demo and how it gives the player just enough to have an idea of the world & characters, but leaves a lot of questions to be answered. Good luck with the Kickstarter, Blue June looks really enticing. :) 

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so cool :D