108% FUNDED on Kickstarter!

Hello Dreamers,

The campaign has come to an end! There's 752 of you beautiful people and we have raised $32,662, 108% of the funding goal. 

Firstly, THANK YOU EVERYONE! This wouldn't be possible without each and everyone of you. Thank you for believing in me till the very end. This experience has been truly humbling and oh boy did I learn a lot in this past month. I had to battle my inner demons so to speak, I learned to never stop believing and to never lose hope and faith

When there was only one week left, things were looking a little grim and I didn't know if I would make it and the anxiety and stress that dawned upon me was quite something. Even though these thoughts were constantly on my mind, you guys saw the light and shared me with SO MUCH LOVE! Many of you sent me messages and emails letting me know that they are keeping an eye on the campaign, some would let me know that I inspired them, many of you reached out letting me know how much they enjoyed the demo and need to see more. 

If there is one thing that kept me from giving up, it was you guys and I am so grateful for you all you. I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart. In a way, I'm happy the campaign got funded the way it did. It felt more impactful, it was humbling and personal, it felt like a battle. Everyone was rooting for me in a way that felt surreal and you guys cheered for me until the very last minute!


I want to especially shout out the devs at Mongoose Rodeo, Aleks Kuzmanovic and Mathew Griffin! These guys have been so unbelievable with their support. They have kept up with me, shared the project every time they could and singlehandedly they have turned this campaign around! Thank you guys immensely!

Lastly, now that the campaign is over, development will resume and I will keep you guys regularly updated on Kickstarter and Twitter to let you know how development is going! I'm in the process of setting up the discord server and will announce it when it goes live :D I can't wait to have all of you lovelies in one place where we can chat about anything really! 

It feels amazing I get to now call myself a full time dev, an absolute dream come true!

Much love


Get Blue June


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Whow. You captive me with your warm words. Congratulations!!! I'm happy to know this kind of real life story because as you said before, it's inspiring and you have inspired others. I haven't able to play your demo (although I downloaded longing to play it), because of technical issues (32 bit potato pc, damn you third world countries!! JK ;)). Anyway, I stopped to say that I followed you on itch.io because I think you have an interesting idea and hopefully someday I will play your game (s). My regards from Venezuela.RA.